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Vehicle Spare Parts

UK VEHICLES AND SPARES LTD is your one-stop solution for used and new vehicle parts. Whether you need a shipping container filled with various parts, including engines, wheels & rims, suspensions,etc. or just need a particular vehicle part, we can source and supply precisely what you require. If you need a Half cut, Nose cut, drive shaft or other loosing parts for your car, truck, SUV, etc. you can contact us.

We are more than honored to inform you about the parts we can supply to you. Our parts department will accept from clients the following requests:

Bulk Order

We can supply you or your company with a large quantity of vehicle spare parts. However, in order to process your request, your order will have to qualify to be classed as a "Bulk Order". Your order must not be less than a 20ft or 40ft shipping container filled with spare parts. Discounts for clients are offered when you make Bulk orders.

Single Order

Our company can provide you with that particular vehicle part that you seek. Whether it's a new part or a used one, we can supply. We can also provide you with a small quantity of spare parts if you so desire.

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